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Insurance Policies for Businesses in Pasadena

It is imperative to have proper insurance when you run a business so you can provide your employees with a safe, comfortable environment. The mission of our insurance policies at Paul Diaz is to benefit both the Pasadena business owner and the employee by providing customized insurance packages at extremely affordable rates. We work carefully to select the best insurance carriers so you receive ideal commercial insurance coverage.

Commercial Insurance at Paul Diaz

Choosing the appropriate commercial insurance for your business can be difficult, so Paul Diaz has developed a wide selection of programs for customers to choose from. This extensive range of insurance choices allows us to create specialized packages so each Pasadena client’s commercial insurance needs can be effectively met.

We keep in mind that the Pasadena area is always at risk for earthquakes, and for this reason we offer a specific earthquake commercial insurance policy for the California businesses we work with. Along with earthquake insurance, we’ll identify other factors that could potentially increase your premiums or change your risk levels, as well as providing consultations and risk management options.

If you are a Pasadena merchant or contractor, we can help you develop a commercial insurance package to suit your needs.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance at Paul Diaz

You can safeguard the employees of your Pasadena business with workers’ compensation insurance from Paul Diaz Insurance Agency. By California state law, business owners are obliged to create a safe and secure workplace for employees by providing workers’ compensation insurance. With this insurance you can provide your business in Pasadena with quality protection from unexpected workplace injuries and other work-related crises.

We offer several different workers’ compensation insurance programs for various industries in Pasadena and throughout the Los Angeles area. You will receive a completely customized insurance package that perfectly fits your business model and risk profile.

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